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Braco’s gaze is connected to our Sun, which is a conduit of nourishment for the spirit. When people come to a gazing session, they receive for their spirit. People can experience a feeling that transforms them, awakening a belief in the future, better possibilities, health and a more positive outlook on life. It can bring forth latent talents, and simply dissolve longstanding blockages. This encounter offers the opportunity to solidify the foundation for people to open to life, even its challenges, with a renewed strength and grace.

Yet the body also needs to have its material connection. The films and books about Braco and the Golden Sun symbol form this necessary bridge for the body. These are physical components that people can use before or after a gazing session to connect with the gift at a body level. For those who cannot attend a live gazing session such as children, the elderly or those infirmed, these tools offer a way to be reached by Braco’s gift.

They are also important because it is difficult to explain this phenomenon to others, and the DVDs and books offer the information to open people to this new possibility, where they may have been closed to such ideas before. 

The DVDs, books and the Golden Sun symbol each represent a different type of nourishment for the body. Films not only offer information through segments of Braco on tour and in nature, gazing for audiences and scientific testimony, but also the telling of people’s own stories of transformation and healing that open us to new possibilities. They simply help us to believe more strongly and partake in the spiritual nourishment present here. The films can also be played for groups, or played quietly in the background within our homes or offices to bring in a positive influence.

Books about Braco offer a highly personalized interaction and the body connects at the necessary material level with the book itself. When we read, we uniquely relate to the information present forming images and pictures that represent our current needs and mindset. We are influenced by the story, which opens us. There is much to be gained by reading ‘between the lines’ and each time we reread a portion, a new level of information can affect us with insights, inspirations and connections we did not recognize before. Our level of belief in the gift has the opportunity to build and grow, impacting our lives in beneficial ways that affect our wellbeing, health and relationships too.

Belief plays a key role in receiving the gift that Braco brings into our lives. The more we believe, the more we can receive. This belief is most often triggered by ‘a feeling’ we experience when we are exposed to Braco is some form.

“I would like to add that people who believe in the future will get as much as they believe – the more you believe, the more you will get.” 

– Ivica Prokic, from The Prophecies of Ivica Prokic, October 1994

A gazing session, DVD or book can ignite this level, yet some simply see Braco’s photograph and feel an opening within to a new positively powerful influence, and changes occur. As with the gazing sessions, some people will ‘feel’ it immediately, some later on and others not at all. No one can predict who, when and how someone will be affected and helped. There is something greater at work here that goes beyond the limited levels of our minds.