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About Us

Welcome & Aloha. The company Awakening Within is dedicated to distributing Braco DVDs and books in English to people in the U.S. and abroad. Our company is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Awakening Within promotes information and awareness exclusively about the transformative work of Braco. We also produce live events within the US, bringing Braco on tours coast to coast so visitors may benefit from a live experience with him in as many locations as possible.

Braco's loving work has brought healing and positive transformation into the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world since 1995. His remarkable gaze can positively affect individuals and families, and visitors often come for help with illnesses, health problems and personal life issues. Silently gazing at groups of visitors for five minutes, Braco’s giving gaze continues to create miracles of wellness in countless lives, as reported in testimonials in over 100 documentary films. 

Angelika Whitecliff 
Director, Awakening Within 
Author of 21 Days with Braco