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How I Became A Prophet (Paperback)

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How I Became A Prophet  (Paperback)
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How I Became a Prophet
by Ivica Prokic 

This book contains a systemized set of Ivica’s authentic texts to bring his life and work, healing mission and entire legacy to light. Simultaneously, it will serve as an explanation and introduction for easier reading of his 13 individual books. These original works carry a special magnetism and effect; one which not only we feel, but for future generations to come who shall also have the opportunity to feel and experience them, as well. It is as Mr. Ivica wrote; this is the beginning, not the end because I see every end is also the beginning.

[Paperback - 310 Pages - English Language Edition]

About the Author:  Ivica Prokic was born on August 4, 1950 in a small village in the south of the Serbian mountains. As a young boy of age seven, he had a potent experience while playing by a river with other children. He passed out and later described "feeling a piece of the sun enter him", and this would become a determining moment of his outstanding abilities being awakened.

In childhood, Ivica already felt different from his friends, but it took him years to realize the nature of his special kind of abilities and talents. As a young man, he began experiencing unusual visions that grew more numerous and stronger with time. Eventually, he would recognize that some of the unique things he saw in these visions were becoming a reality, and then he finally came to understand many of the symbols he saw as well.

Moving to Zagreb, Croatia, Ivica would undergo two more defining encounters. He underwent a near-death experience, which heightened his visionary abilities, and in 1989, he visited a bio-energetic clinic where his talents were recognized as prophetic in nature and exceptional for healing. Now Ivica found the certainty he needed to begin sharing his work to lovingly help people in their lives. His abilities had further developed to enable him to see the past, present and future of those who requested his aid.

Ivica also began writing short books and gave one to each person who came to him. These books offered to help people better understand themselves and life, and many people felt a special loving aid assisting them as they read, and afterwards.

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