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The Mystery of Braco 3 (eBook)

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The Mystery of Braco 3 (eBook)
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The Mystery of Braco 3
by Drago Plecko

Reality from the world of imagination — do we create it ourselves? Drago Plecko examines the latest scientific research along with time honored spiritual traditions to cast light on intriguing potentials which offer answers in his latest book in a series about the Croatian charismatic, Braco.

Through a prism of different phenomena, Drago Plecko examines an array of topics that help the reader understand the foundation of Braco’s work and it startling possibilities. He encourages people to think freshly in order to gain a new understanding of things around us, some of which seem strangely impossible, but in fact are linked directly to nature since the beginning of time. From parallel worlds, incredible longevity, the inner psyche’s hidden abilities, to the symbolism of the number 13 relating to Braco’s unique sun symbol, a path unfolds through the layers of our reality ripe with mysteries and insights of deeper comprehension.

Scientific in scope, accessible and easy to read, this book will expand one’s awareness that more exists than most are accustomed to seeing. Further, it will help the reader to expand his or her horizons to more fully harmonize day-to-day life with nature.

Included is a chapter on “Eleven Lessons for a Better Life” as a supportive practice.

[English Language Edition - 192 pages - Released September 2017]

About the Author:  Drago Plecko was born in Samobor, Croatia on April 4, 1951. He holds a M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb. Acclaimed as one of his countries most renowned Alternative Medicine researchers, Mr. Plecko is also the author of 6 books and has written hundreds of articles, radio shows and TV documentaries, including: the region’s first film on Medjugorje, another on Italy’s Damanhur commune, and a TV show on the mysterious mummies of Vodnjan, Croatia. He has also lectured at numerous border science conferences, and has interviewed many of the world’s leading spiritual teachers over the last 35 years.

During his early studies in 1971, Drago Plecko became interested in healing herbs and alternative medicine, and in later years studied systems of jurisprudence and Tibetan Ilamas. Through Mr. Plecko’s ongoing columns and blogs, he has inspired great interest in the topics of reincarnation and spiritual healing in his region. An avid practitioner of mediation, Mr. Plecko says it allows him to arrive at intuitive insights but he also looks for factual validation of intuitively derived information. 

Currently, he is involved in a series of research projects related to alternative and complementary medicine, and runs nutrition and therapeutic counseling centers in both Samobor and Zagreb.

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